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    We're on a mission to make your technology work for you.

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    IT Infrastructure Management


    We know how to design, implement, and manage IT infrastructure of all sizes. We have processes in place to ensure systems are routinely attended to, and also have experience creating technology refresh plans for any size and budget. We know how to utilize the cloud to reduce costs, while still keeping data secure.


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    Software Development


    We use the newest technologies available to build your custom application. All of our developers are active on Github and contribute to open-source projects.


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    IT Project/Program Portfolio Management


    We have a reputation for bringing projects that are over budget or behind schedule back on track for many clients. We take a proactive approach to any issues that may arise and do everything possible to ensure our clients' success.


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    IT Process Automation


    We automate internal and external business processes so your staff can work more efficiently and spend more time focusing on key issues within your organization rather than mundane tasks.


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    Information Security


    With many organizations moving towards the cloud for their IT infrastructure, information security is even more important to ensure their data is secure. We have experience securing on-premise cloud, hybrid cloud, and commodity cloud environments. We also know how to monitor for and mitigate any attacks that may occur.



    PCore Ventures LLC is a minority-owned Virginia-based company. We provide Information Technology consulting and advisory services to a number of clients. In addition, we run a number of IT-focused websites.


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    Patrick Correa

    President, Chief Technologist

    Patrick lives and breathes tech. He's active in various IT communities throughout Northern Virginia and has expertise in a variety of different areas from virtualization to networking to information security.  He is also active in the open-source community, contributing to a number of projects.


    He holds a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, and an MS in Systems Architecture and Engineering from the University of Southern California.


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